Whirlwind of the Unknown

This year has been an interesting fiasco of a ride with twists and turns every corner!!! Well my journey technically didn’t obviously start here it surely seems to have made itself more noticeable in the here and now.

Me and needles didn’t use to be so acquainted with each other but in the last two years that has definitely changed!  It all started with the stupid numbness…the tingling…and well yeah that was pretty much it at the time.  Technically this began in 2012, right before me and my family move to the lovely state of Kansas!  Don’t get me started about their winters, got to say I will never complain about southern winters…EVER again.

Back to the story… The numbness and yes the tingling, well it came back.  It was quite a shocker in my opinion because even though it started in 2012 it also ended later on that year when I got pregnant with my third child.  

Now going or should I say…moving forward a few years, 2015, right after my grandfather’s death and the birth of my fourth child the symptoms came back with a vengeance.  Grrr! It was frustrating!  Going back to 2012 I did see a doctor who ran tests and thought they were Mini strokes but when I moved and got pregnant the symptoms went away and my OB said take it as a blessing, as I did!  

This year has been filled with many tests such as MRIs, CTs, and many others that helped doctors eliminate and break down the process of finding out the causes for my interesting symptoms.

They ended up finding five white matter lesions on the brain, which sounds worse than it is!  No nerve damage which is fantastic but not what my doctor was hoping for.  Everything that was coming up including my vitamin d deficiency seems to be pointing in the direction my doctors are fearing…Multiple Sclerosis!

Yep!  Really hoping that it is not that of course but sadly everything keeps pointing in that direction!  I am really hoping that next year I will finally have a definitive answer!  It’s hard not to worry especially since I have children to tend to!  Everyday is a challenge, I really like to look at them more like adventures!  Makes the challenges more desirable to work through!  

Merry Christmas Everyone!! And a Happy New Year’s Day!